A trip to A&E

Washing off the chocolate mousse

The day was quite ordinary…Catrin had “helped Bethan to eat some chocolate mousse” and I had just finished cleaning both chocolate-smeared girls in the bath and had put lunch in front of them on the table…when I sat down in the living room for a moment and heard a horrible thud, then a scream.

I ran to the kitchen and found Bethan lying on her back on the hard, tiled floor with her head on the step to the patio door…she looked (and sounded) very distressed so I sat her up to give her a cuddle and then realised that the back of her head was all wet and sticky and red. My heart pounded as I hunted for something to apply pressure to stop the bleeding…I grabbed baby wipes and tried to hold her still while I attended to her head. She didn’t like that very much and did her best to escape while I did my best to assess the damage. I needed to clean up her hair a bit to see her scalp properly, so I took her to the bathroom. Bethan calmed down and actually found it quite funny when I dipped her hair into a bowl of warm water…I found it considerably less funny as I could see how red the water was.

I checked her head again…the bleeding had stopped and there was a large lump under her soggy hair. I held her close and took her back downstairs. A quick discussion with my husband over the phone, a quick request for help from a friend and Catrin was happily dropped at her mate’s house while Bethan and I headed for A&E.image

As I pulled into the car park, checking in the mirror every few seconds to see if she was still awake, I looked up at the windows of the maternity ward and had flashbacks from the moments after Catrin and Bethan were born there…and (daftly) wondered what the midwives would think about me bringing one of them back like someone returning damaged goods to a shop for repair. A silly thought, I know, but I was worried and logical thought didn’t feature much in my mind at that point.

Bethan spent the next hour or so sitting on the floor in the childrens’ waiting room, playing games and drawing pictures on the iPad…interspersed with a couple of trips to a cubicle to be assessed by a triage nurse and then a doctor…during which time she refused to sit anywhere other than the floor and would not sit still unless she was in full control of said iPad. This resulted in medical staff joining Bethan and I on the floor in order to take observations and prod her head.

She was deemed to be ok and treated with Calpol and a head injury leaflet (which she tried to eat). We drove back through stormy weather to our friend’s house to collect Catrin, but Bethan was snoozing when we got there, so I lay her on the sofa for a bit and downed a much-needed cup of tea. Catrin and her friends decorated Bethan with an array of soft toys (they were being kind and thought she might like them), then they decorated the Christmas tree with so many baubles that the actual tree was almost entirely obscured by the time they had finished.

We headed home and Bethan woke up for dinner, scoffed a very large bowl of quorn bolognese and then raided the fridge. She was absolutely fine.


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