Tidying: the impossible task

So I have (just about) survived my first week as a ‘stay at home’ mum. I have enjoyed being able to do the school run every day and spending time alone with Bethan, watching her playing with a tube of wrapping paper like Luke Skywalker brandishing a light sabre and grasping new words such as “noobum” (new bum) and “drink!” (Which she says in exactly the same manner as the Father Jack character in the ‘Father Ted’ TV series…thankfully, she has abstained from yelling “Arse! Feck! Gurrrls!” so far). It has also been strange, but nice, to have avoided photocopying, laminating or binding anything at all this week.

Preparing to duel with Darth Vader

It hasn’t all been easy, though. For example, following the epic amount of washing which was required yesterday due to Bethan’s triple vomit night/day, I couldn’t ignore the horrid brown slime which had gathered around the seal in the washing machine anymore, so I bought some brightly-coloured cleaning solution for it (it resembled Mountain Dew soft drink, so I thought it would be hardcore on the slime-removal front). Today I set about cleaning it while the girls were playing in the living room.

Within 1.57 seconds of me donning the marigolds, the first of the fridge-raiding parties took place. “Mum! I want a drink!”, followed by “I want a treat from the tin/ a custard/ some bread/ a tomato/ chicken on a stick/ Netflix/ a different film/ a shoe for my pony/ noobum…” I started to feel very annoyed when Bethan decided to dance in the puddle on the floor in front of the washing machine and then made off with the surface wipes, emptying the whole packet into the ball pond, while Catrin had a massive tantrum on the floor about a chocolate penguin. The nagging intensified further and I ended up shouting at them both.

They went back into the living room and a suspicious silence ensued…with intermittent suspicious giggling. I took the marigolds off for the 726th time and went to investigate. It turns out that they had covered the entire floor (every inch of it) with toys, wooden blocks and shoes…and (when angrily tidying all of that up) I discovered that all of the balls from the ball pool were now, mysteriously, situated down the back of the sofa.

Not ideal

I think I might open the bottle of Baileys tonight while I ponder how to pack and tidy the whole house within 3 weeks to be ready for moving day with my sanity intact.

3 weeks to go

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