The Cheese Thief

The cheese thief looked up at me and grinned while clutching a very large block of chewed cheddar. She giggled fromage-fresh breath and me and scuttled away to continue her clandestine feast while hiding behind the living room door in the company of the dog-shaped draught excluder. Bethan the fridge raider was at it again…and I had only averted my attention from her for no more than two minutes. At least she was distracted by the cheese before she decorated the carpet with liberally sprinkled strawberry yoghurt again.

Yesterday was my last day at work and, as I switched off the laminator and closed the door to the reprographics room for the final time, I reflected on the good, less good and outright bizarre moments I had experienced there in the past four years…from the crashed spaceship I built on the roof out of items from the skip (which somehow was mentioned in the school’s first Ofsted report), to the 5-foot tall reprographics-themed Christmas tree I made out of reams of paper and items of stationery, to dressing up as Fawkes the Phoenix for World Book Day only to be firmly informed by a small child that I “should not have come as a chicken because there are no chickens in Harry Potter”.

In a few weeks’ time I will be leaving our house in Crayford and making the long journey with my two girls to Stirling in Scotland, where we will join my husband and move into our new home. It was a big decision to make the move but we know it is the right decision and, although it is hard being hundreds of miles apart for a couple of months while my husband works in Scotland and we wait for our new home to be ready to move into, we both believe that the change is for the best. I am really looking forward to our new start and our lovely new house…I have visions of us sitting by the Christmas tree in our toasty warm living room while watching the snow drift gently down outside (probably followed by wrestling a giant cheese from Bethan and washing a copious amount of spaghetti bolognese out of her hair… as, amongst the many changes, there will be some constants).

Caught red-handed

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