Birthday girl

My littlest girl had her first birthday a week before Christmas. From the day I found out she would arrive in December I said that I would never let Christmas celebrations overshadow her birthday or do the ‘I’ll give her one big present for her birthday and Christmas combined’ thing as so many people with birthdays in December feel disappointed when that happens to them. However, as her birthday approached, the annual winter sickness bug hit our home and first Bethan did her best impression of the girl from The Exorcist (projectile vomit-wise, at least), followed by Catrin a few days later and then, not wanting to be left out, I joined in too. None of us were in a state to host a birthday gathering or make or eat a cake on the anniversary of Bethan’s entry into the world. I did feel bad about that and vowed that I would make her a cake after Christmas and mark the belated moment with friends to make up for it.

Enjoying her new toys
Enjoying her new toys

So breakfast on New Year’s Day consisted of a chunk of chocolate cake with a piece of fondant TV remote control on top of it (I decorated it with Bethan’s favourite things to chew…she is particularly fond of chomping on remote controls). It was 2 weeks late and wasn’t actually in the same year as her 1st birthday, but she got to blow out her candle and decorate the floor with cake crumbs eventually.

Belated cake
Belated cake

I know she will have no memory of her birthday (belated or otherwise), but her big sister will and, one day, Bethan will want to see photos of herself as a baby and I want her to know that she had her special moments just as her big sister did.

Her very own remote control (to munch on)
Her very own remote control (to munch on)

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