The last day of summer

Autumn arrived yesterday when the lovely warm weather we have had for the past month was unceremoniously shoved out of the way by a band of rain and blustery wind. I saw the clouds getting darker and covering the last few patches of blue and made a last-ditch attempt to tidy the garden before the deluge arrived. I didn’t get very far with the grand garden tidy-up as it took over an hour to feed and dress both children and bring them outside with me. I had just enough time to prune a rose bush and clear away a tomato plant with many pounds of rotten tomatoes on it before Bethan started grumbling loudly and demanding a snack and a nap.

Hello Autumn...I have been expecting you
Hello Autumn…I have been expecting you

I felt sad as I closed the kitchen door when the first raindrops fell. This has been the first year when I have experienced three entire months of lovely sunny weather and it has been the most fantastic summer. We were lucky enough to miss the soggy UK August by timing our trip to sunny Canada perfectly and we had so many great days out and about near home this year too.

Last weekend we visited Greenwich Park again and wandered through the greenery as Catrin force-fed nuts to the squirrels and gleefully pointed out that they would not eat her because “I’m not a nut…that’s ’cause I’ve got bendy bits”. Both girls scoffed huge plates of pasta at Zizzi’s by the Cutty Sark (the staff there probably needed an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove the mess they left around their chairs after we left), followed by the obligatory exhausted meltdown when it was time to leave the playground and go home. It was an excellent way to spend a very warm late summer’s day…but the slightly orange leaves and the conkers in our pockets served to remind us that autumn was just around the corner.

Relaxing in the sunshine in Greenwich Park
Relaxing in the sunshine in Greenwich Park
A demonstration of excellent table manners
A demonstration of excellent table manners

When yesterday’s rain had passed, the skies cleared and the sun set on a cool, bright autumn evening. As sad as I am to say goodbye to the lovely summer, autumn is not all bad. The colours of the leaves are really pretty and photogenic; it is easier to persuade Catrin that it is time for bed when the sun actually sets before 10pm; my office might be slightly cooler than 28 degrees and I can make soup out of the £1 mixed vegetables packs from the supermarket. Also, I can look forward to my daughters’ birthdays, Christmas and a snowy winter with sledging opportunities. The sun is shining on a chilly morning today…just perfect for a walk in the deep, dark wood.IMG_6329


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