“MUM! Beffan pushed me into the Lego box!!!!”

I looked around the corner into the living room and found Catrin with her backside wedged in the plastic storage box, sitting on a bed of Duplo blocks with her knees up by her chin. She looked particularly disgruntled and complained that her bottom was hurting. She was adamant that her not-yet-9-months-old baby sister had maliciously shoved her into the container of pointy plastic bricks. Bethan was standing next to the Duplo box, holding onto her baby walker, wearing an angelic ‘Who? Me?’ expression on her face. Could it be that Bethan had just exacted her first revenge for the numerous foot-in-face and over zealous cuddles which Catrin has subjected her to recently?

There has been definite mischief in our house in recent weeks. Last week my husband lost his watch. He started searching for it and, after half an hour or so, I helped him to look. We searched in a logical way, starting with retracing my husband’s movements working back to the last time he knew he had worn it on the previous day. We were about to resign ourselves to the fact that it was lost forever after almost an hour of searching when, having run out of other places to look, I checked inside Catrin’s wash bag in the bathroom…and there it was. When my husband asked Catrin whether she had hidden it there, she giggled and replied “yes!” in a gleeful voice. When asked why, she explained “I wanted to play watch hide and seek.”

Next time I lose my keys or need a baby-faced assassin, I will know where to look.

Caught in the act while stealthily attempting to steal the remote control
Caught in the act while stealthily attempting to steal the remote control


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