Chapter 18 – Tunnels and Fireworks

Firstly, apologies for the incorrect spelling of Niagara in my last post…despite being utterly surrounded by merchandise with ‘Niagara’ emblazoned across all of it, I spelled the most famous waterfall in the world like a medication for gentlemen with erectile disfunction. Sorry about that.

Today, continuing our tourist trip to Niagara, we explored the tunnels behind the Canadian falls (the ‘Journey behind the Falls’ attraction). Bethan appeared to be the main attraction in queue as she grinned at everyone from inside her little poncho and the queue smiled back. There was a deafening bass rumble in the tunnels and, through two openings behind the waterfall, we could see huge quantities of water falling, splashing and swirling about. I couldn’t see anything beyond the water, but my mind saw shapes in the spray as it swirled about. Outside the tunnel we walked onto a ledge which juts out alongside the side of the waterfall and we saw the water shooting over the edge and crashing onto the rocks and river below. It looked extremely powerful and a beautiful bluey-green colour.

The edge of the Canadian Falls
The edge of the Canadian Falls

In the evening my husband and I had a second date night in a row without our daughters and went on the nighttime boat trip on the Hornblower to see the fireworks from the falls. We readied ourself for the experience by having a drink while gazing out at the sunset over the falls. My drink happened to be a beer-based mango-flavoured margarita cocktail in a can. I drank it all, but I can safely say it is not my new favourite beverage.

We queued for a while in our special bin bag ponchos and watched the lights change the colour of the water tipping over the falls to the sound of toddlers and babies growing tired and grumpy (not our own children this time). We then boarded the boat and munched on popcorn as we glided up river through the mist towards the Horseshoe Falls. The fireworks were spectacular and it felt special to be watching them while being soaked by water spray from the falls. I would have been grumpy about being wet and blown about (as usual) while watching fireworks on bonfire night in the UK, but I just enjoyed the experience here with a drink in my soggy hand while my bin bag poncho blew around, seemingly in a sort of tribute to Marilyn Monroe. It was lots of fun and a lovely evening.


I noticed a couple of intriguing notices around the town this evening, too…

I wonder what the donkey show is/was?
I wonder what the donkey show is/was?
100% discount...?!?
100% discount…?!?
...and there was me, about the climb over the ornate railings and plunge to my death in the river below...
…and there was me, about the climb over the ornate railings and plunge to my death in the river below…
...quiet weekend night shift...?
…quiet weekend night shift…?


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