Chapter 12 – Falling into the lake

I woke up to more rain on this unseasonably chilling morning (today was a full 20 degrees celcius colder than it was 3 days ago). My heart sank a bit because I desperately wanted to have a go at wakeboarding again for the first time in 5 years and I doubted that the weather would be good enough by the afternoon for watersports to go ahead. I trotted down to the lodge anyway to see if I could at least take out a kayak and found that they were planning to take out the boat for wakeboarding and tubing after all. Grinning inanely, I immediately signed up, hoping that I might remember something about how to stand up and glide across the water without face planting too much (as I had just about got the hang of that part back in 2009).

It turns out wakeboarding is not like riding a bike and I spent a good half hour or so attempting to stand up and falling flat on my face every time, while the lovely people in the boat gave me useful tips to try to help me. This was a shame because I remember how much fun I had when I could stay upright and steer myself from side to side behind the boat. I really enjoyed wakeboarding years ago and only gave it up when, in 2010, I had Catrin because I then had neither the time nor the money to spend on wakeboarding. I really hope I have a chance to learn the basics (and maybe some more fancy moves) again in the future. But at least I gave it a try today (and at least the lake was warm and the water tasted quite nice!).

I spent much of the next half hour or so in this position...
I spent much of the next half hour or so in this position…

My brother-in-law tried his hand at tubing (lying on an inflatable donut, holding on for dear life while being dragged across the lake at high speed) after my faceplant fest. He had gone prepared in a wetsuit, fully expecting to fall into the water at some point, but he returned dry and triumphant that he had avoided a dunking. He then took off his wetsuit, dressed in normal clothing and went out in a canoe with his mum and uncle…which they managed to capsize. They had to swim to shore towing the canoe and oars in order to tip out the water and climb back into it. They then capsized it a second time as they climbed into it. I passed them on a kayak as they were heading back to the jetty after their soakings and noticed they looked a bit bedraggled and soggy in their ‘land’ clothes. They seemed in high spirits, though.

I carried on paddling and pottered across the lake and around Haystack Island before returning to warm up. I loved the peace and quiet and being by myself out on the water. I really should try to go kayaking more often in the UK. I haven’t been out since I sold my ocean kayak many years ago after we moved away from the Lake District.

The soggy canoeists had warmed up and dried off a bit by the time I got back so, a short while later, we commenced operation BBQ in the rain. Luckily the BBQ was a big propane one with a lid so the food didn’t get wet. As is the tradition with all BBQs, we cooked too much food and now have several bags of food to take back to London (Ontario, not England) tomorrow.

BBQ (just a small portion of the food we prepared)...
BBQ (just a small portion of the food we prepared)…

We did have the capacity to finish the birthday cake, though…it is against the law to waste cake.


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