Chapter 11 – Birthday and bacon vodka

After a lovely Canadian breakfast of blueberry waffles and maple syrup, I donned my wetsuit with the intention of taking a kayak out on the lake. However, that plan was thwarted by the weather. There were proper waves on the lake, steady rain and a squally wind and the resort owners looked at my husband like he was mad when he asked to sign out a canoe. I felt like a bit of a lemon in a wetsuit with nowhere to paddle (and me in a wetsuit isn’t a pretty sight at the best of times)…but they were right when they advised us not to go out on the lake; the weather was grim and I’d rather look like a lemon on land than end up in trouble on a boat-shaped piece of plastic in the middle of a big lake in a storm.

Feeling disappointed, I changed into proper clothes again and, instead, went back to Algonquin Park for a quick walk in the wilderness with my husband and his brother. We saw several deer on the short drive from the resort to the main road, but still no official bear or moose sightings. We only managed a tick in the moose poo box and the ‘I think I might have seen a bear, but I’m not certain’ box. The walk was good…a quick 2 mile wander through the forest to a viewpoint on a cliff overlooking a lake. It was a really stunning view, despite the rain.

Cliff top viewpoint
Cliff top viewpoint

Kayaking was still off the agenda when we returned and the BBQ we had planned for my mother in law’s birthday was also rained off (postponed until tomorrow). I rustled up a birthday pasta dinner on the fancy cooker instead, with cake and ice cream for pudding. Catrin was particularly interested in the cake element of the meal but, as usual, ate the icing and left most of the actual cake.


For after-dinner entertainment we finally succeeded in solving a fiendish bear puzzle and laughed at my brother-in-law attempting to drink the foulest substance known to mankind – a can of bacon vodka. It looked like liquidised blood clot and contained, amongst other things, anchovies, clam broth and onion. Needless to say, the can still contains a large quantity of death juice and it will probably be utilised as an effective drain cleaner in the morning.

Bacon vodka... How could anyone resist such a appetising tipple?
Bacon vodka… How could anyone resist such a appetising tipple?
Bacon vodka - the ingredients
Bacon vodka – the ingredients


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