Chapter 7 – Family get-together

Today our hosts threw a Big Family & Friends Get-Together. So, after a quick trip to the superstore and a briefing on who was expected to attend the party, the guests started to arrive.

The superstore stocks a wide range of products...
The superstore stocks a wide range of products…

It is on days like these that I wish my memory was more efficient than it is. I must have been introduced to around twenty people but, even having only met them a few hours ago, I still have very little idea who is related to who. They all seemed very nice and didn’t seem to mind Catrin bossing them about or Bethan using their laps as trampolines (maybe they were being polite and are cursing us now that they see how bruised their legs are after Bethan’s bouncy exploits).

Rocking the party frock
Rocking the party frock

My husband and his brother were also on their best behaviour and spoke with eloquence and decorum…until they decided to challenge each other to pool chair jousting.

Pool chair jousting
Pool chair jousting

By the end of the day I had consumed 3 alcoholic beverages, eaten 5 sizeable pieces of carrot cake and made use of the hot tub. It was time for an early night before the adventure becomes even more exciting in the morning.

Tomorrow we head into the wilderness of Algonquin National Park where, I’m told, the scenery is breathtaking. I will save up the next few chapters of our Canadian Adventure until I have access to wifi again. Watch this space…


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