Big adventure, Chapter 1 – long journey

The day had arrived! We were off to Canada!!!

Trundling on the Trunki
Trundling on the Trunki

After excitedly traversing miles of Gatwick Airport riding her Gruffalo Trunki, Catrin set off the metal detector in the security checks area. A search officer called her over and asked her to put her arms out so she could be frisked. Catrin looked at with a confused expression, so the search officer showed her what she wanted by putting her arms out…but Catrin thought she had her arms out in the ‘hug me’ position and gave the officer a nice cuddle.

Catrin enjoyed take off, but soon became fascinated with the button on the handrest which turned the reading light on above her head. She did look out of the window long enough to ask why the clouds were in the sea then, predictably, requested the iPad. She watched Frozen with Cuddly Bear (who had borrowed Grandpa’s headphones) and sang most of the songs at top of her voice, much to annoyance of Quentin Supernoodle-Harrington in the seat in front as he tried to sleep in his dapper yuppie suit, squashing his dashing product-coated hairdo on the plastic flip-up table. Bet he wished his The Apprentice-worthy dress sense had earned him an upgrade.

"Why are the clouds in the sea?"
“Why are the clouds in the sea?”

I spent most of the flight waiting in the loo queue with either Catrin or Bethan…they couldn’t get enough of the plane toilet, but after the 8th visit the novelty had worn off for me. I was quite pleased (and very excited) to arrive at Toronto.

After landing and queuing with the Canadian Commonwealth Games team (who all had their own pillows tucked into their tartan hand luggage), we went to collect our car. It turned out to be more of a giant articulated bus than a car. They called it a ‘minivan’ and I wondered what was ‘mini’ about it…until I saw the enormous vehicles on the road from Toronto. Our family saloon car at home would look like a smart car here by comparison.

Finally, around 15 hours after leaving the hotel, we arrived at our relatives’ house in London (yes, we’re staying in London and the river at the end of their garden is called the Thames…it all sounds strangely familiar). I had never been here before and was told that the house was lovely…but it is gorgeous! There is a pool (with diving board) and a hot tub casually tucked in a corner of the garden and the bathroom is bigger than the ground floor of our house! I fed Bethan last night while watching the fireflies throwing shapes in the trees outside, lighting up the Thames valley like a flock of ravers with glow-sticks.

The adventure has begun…



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