The eve of an adventure

I was greeted by a very excitable Catrin this morning. The combination of our imminent holiday and her recent discovery of the concept of jokes made for some interesting conversations…

“Beffan is older than me. She’s 5. Only joking!” (followed by hysterical laughter at her own joke)

“Boo! BOO! Oh. I think Beffan has lost her laugh.” (Bethan’s interest waned after the 79th game of ‘boo’)

“What do want to be when you are older?”
“Um. A swimming fish. Maybe a goldfish. I like gold fishes.”

She remained hyper-excited for the whole day as today hailed the first day of our big adventure. Tonight we are at an hotel next to Gatwick airport…tomorrow morning we go on an aeroplane (“like Peppa Pig”) and fly to Canada to visit relatives and explore a beautiful National Park! We packed our bags almost a week ago (with Catrin’s enthusiastic ‘help’). We then unpacked the 12 giraffes, 3 Duplo pirates and the Gruffalo dressing gown and re-packed again with more sensible contents. It is astounding how much stuff small children need to go on holiday…I could easily fit myself into at least two of the bags we are taking and they are now crammed full of wetsuits, many changes of clothes and a considerable range of toys.

Truth is that I am just as excited as Catrin…I am just less inclined to run around the restaurant at the airport hotel shouting “TALK TO ME ABOUT OUR HOLIDAY!!!” I am really looking forward to seeing a part of the world I have never visited before and to getting out and about and maybe even doing some of the water sports I was so fond of prior to being a mum. I can’t wait to start our holiday (and to write about it)…it is exactly what we need right now.

Resting up before the big day
Resting up before the big day

2 thoughts on “The eve of an adventure

  1. It’s officially impossible to ever travel light when you have children isn’t it?! One week away with our 10 month and the suitcase was 3/4 his stuff! Have a great adventure xx

    • I know…it took 3 trollies at the airport to move all our bags, car seats and buggy! I used to go on diving holidays with 2 full sets of diving gear years ago and still had fewer bags!

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