Storms and mini sausages

I'm really proud of this photo
I’m really proud of this photo

I love a good storm and have been treated to absolutely beautiful lightening and rumbustuous thunder two nights running. I should have been sleeping but just couldn’t tear myself away from the window…I was absolutely mesmerised by the beauty and power of the storms. The thing is that the lightening looks so other-worldly that I can imagine I am on a tropical beach, or witnessing a supernatural battle between wizards or on the surface of a distant planet…it inspires my imagination.

On Wednesday I splashed out £14 on myself and signed up to a course for writing children’s stories (thanks, Groupon!). I just finished the first module and I’m already itching to write something. The storm last night gave me an idea, which expanded and evolved in my head and resulted in extensive notes blurted out onto my phone during the night and not as much sleep as I should have had. I was too excited!

So I only had myself to blame for being tired when I wearily dragged myself up the hill with Bethan in a baby carrier on my back and Catrin in the buggy on our way to the preschool end of term party yesterday morning. I spent the morning putting together a 2-course lunch for 55 children while Catrin made full use of the bouncy castle and danced and played with her friends and the pirate queen and Bethan pulled happy faces as anyone who smiled at her, had a grumble, ate some food and fell asleep. I felt like I was competing in a mass catering challenge on Masterchef as we plated up 55 paper plates and 55 paper bowls on a speedy production line using every inch of work surface in the kitchen. Not sure any Masterchef contestants have ever included hula hoops, mini sausages and party rings in their dishes, though…

It was 32 degrees in the shade by the time I carried and pushed two sleeping children home again…I could have wrung the sogginess out of my clothes out when we got back. I took urgent priority action and immediately filled the paddling pool before having a shower and burning some pizza. Catrin’s best friend from preschool then popped over to help Catrin take her Duplo characters for a swim (with lots of giggling and splashing). Catrin now realises that her friend will be going to big school in September and has taken the news far better than I expected. Maybe I underestimate her sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Storms and mini sausages

    • Thanks! I absolutely love watching them! To get the photo I took a video using my phone and then scanned through it frame by frame until I found the lightning, then I took a screenshot of that frame. I tried again during last night’s storm and got some more lovely pictures.

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