Curse of the helpful toddler

My 3 year old daughter likes to be helpful. I am pleased that she has developed a desire to help but, sadly, sometimes her intentions outweigh the actual help which she provides.

Here are some of the things she has done to help me today…

1. Brought a plastic cake upstairs for me to eat while I was in the shower…whilst declaring, reassuringly, “I won’t put it in the toilet, don’t worry”

2. Put a dragon in the front pocket of my lunch bag “in case you want to play with it at your office”

Executive office toy
Executive office toy

3. Confined a toy crocodile to the naughty step to prevent him from biting me. This was successful…I wasn’t bitten (but did end up with a sore foot after stepping on it in the dark)

4. Gave her little sister a sticker for being good. However, the sticker said ‘I did it!’, so maybe she was actually trying to frame her little sister for a mess or breakage I am yet to discover

I did it!
I did it!

5. Provided assistance with the removal of dry washing from the washing line…which involved yanking several garments off the line (pegs still attached) and distributing them randomly across the lawn

6. Repeated everything she said to me again and again until I replied to acknowledge I had heard her request for sweets, toys, colouring pencils, etc…just in case my hearing had deteriorated overnight

7. Picked and brought a green strawberry from the garden to show me…just so she could explain to me that the strawberry wasn’t red yet so I must not eat it

8. Commentated on every aspect of the plot, sub plot and characters of ‘Frozen’ for my benefit…I was grateful for this (honest) as, despite having been forced to watch it more than 100 times in the past few months, I was still very unclear regarding what the film is about

9. Reminded me about car safety by demanding that I secure with a seatbelt the army of dolls and teddy bears she insisted on taking on the drive to preschool

10. Rinsed shampoo off her baby sister’s hair in the bath (which also involved the inadvertent pouring of water all over her sister’s face, the bathroom floor and my trousers)

I suppose it is the thought that counts.


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