Why I am a bit stinky

Today was a hot day…the hottest day of the year so far…and I spent most of it sharing an office with two industrial photocopiers working at full pelt whilst scrabbling about on the floor with spray glue, cellophane and display paper. I got home from work 6 hours ago but, as yet, have failed to wash the spray glue residue, sweat and grime off me. ‘How filthy and unhygienic!’, I hear you cry.

Let me explain why I have failed to shower this evening.

After I finished work, I did the following things. Each of these things needed doing and each of these things, therefore, took priority over my cleanliness….

After work I collected Bethan from her childminder, collected Catrin from preschool, made Catrin’s dinner, argued with Catrin about eating her dinner, arranged the dinner into a smiley face to get her to eat it, emptied dishwasher, filled dishwasher, took recycling & bins out, hung washing on line, realised I had hung up dry clothes instead of wet ones, took down dry clothes and hung up wet ones, put dry washing away, cleared carnage left by baby after her raid on the nappy changing box, fed Catrin pudding, packed Catrin’s lunchbox for preschool, packed my lunch for work, packed Bethan’s swimming stuff & lunch for childminder, cleaned up Catrin’s melted puddle of pudding, fed Bethan, cleaned food & poo off Bethan, bathed & dressed Catrin & Bethan, sent Catrin to bed, fed Bethan, fed Bethan again, one more feed for Bethan.

Came downstairs to find this
Came downstairs to find this

Finally, at 22.30, there is silence (apart from occasional outbursts of wind from the husband upstairs).

I am tired. I will have a shower tomorrow morning (between feeding Bethan 3rd breakfast and persuading Catrin to get dressed without a nuclear tantrum).

Bethan said her first word today…it was ‘mama’. I was very pleased and excited by this…it made my day.


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