Stickle Bricks and Pirrels

Come on, pirrel! Have a nut!!!
Come on, pirrel! Have a nut!!!

I rediscovered Stickle Bricks this morning. I had forgotten how great they were. Catrin found a big bag of them at a childminder’s house and played with them while my husband and I discussed childcare arrangements with their owner. Catrin demanded that Daddy make a horse out of the Stickle Bricks and, while he was out of the room, she made another horse with the childminder…proudly bragging to my husband on his return, “look at my horse…it is better than your one, Daddy!”

The Stickle Bricks reminded me of all the hours I spent building fantastical creations out of it when I was a child. This particular set had belonged to the childminder’s now grown up daughters and there were quite a few toys from the 1980’s in the house; they were still huge fun to Catrin…born almost 30 years after the toys were first loved. I wonder if I’ll be able to say that about Catrin’s and Bethan’s toys in 30 years time?

Later we met with a few friends for lunch and a spot of squirrel feeding in Greenwich Park. Catrin was suddenly not sleepy any more and was soon bombarded by a ravenous hoard of ‘pirrels’ (squirrels) all determined to grab some nuts. Catrin was just as eager to provide them with food and sat patiently for the briefest of moments waiting for them to approach her while she yelled “come on pirrels! Have a nut! They’re nice!”. She would then dart headlong at them and chase them up a tree. Eventually she resorted to hurling handfuls of nuts in their general direction, resulting in several pirrels making off with no fewer than 3 monkey nuts shoved in their mouths simultaneously. It was reminiscent of the endeavours of contestants competing for tickets for the cabaret and a bottle of cava in a dodgy holiday camp competition.

Bethan was not impressed with the audacity of this squirrel
Bethan was not impressed with the audacity of this squirrel
Baby in a tree
Baby in a tree

The afternoon grew hotter and hotter; trees were climbed and ice cream was scoffed. We all grew tired and (after Catrin had launched herself at our friend, screaming “he’s asleep! Wakey wake!!!”) we headed home.

Minutes after getting back, huge globules of rain started splashing onto the hot ground…rapidly becoming a monsoon-like torrent with thunder and lightening. I love a good storm and took Catrin outside to listen to the thunder as soon as the rain passed. She was soon more interested in foraging for strawberries in the flower beds, but I stood and watched the storm move away and breathed in the amazing smell of the steam rising from the hot decking.

It had been a good day.

Power nap
Power nap

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