Simple pleasures

This evening, after everyone had gone to bed, I happened to catch a bit of a documentary called ‘My Last Summer’ while I was working through my exercises. It was a documentary following a group of terminally ill people and how they felt about their illnesses and how they spent their remaining days. As the group planted a tree for one of their friends who had died, I looked down at myself and thought ‘I might have a slightly saggy body, but at least it is a healthy one’. I take my health for granted daily and I realise that I do moan a bit about life’s trials and tribulations (most people do). In reality my life is great…I am a very lucky person to have my health and a happy life.

In light of this thought, I looked back at the day and recalled the simple pleasures which I would normally take for granted and which made me smile today:

I have a lovely crop of big, fat strawberries growing in the garden which have just started to turn red…Catrin is desperate to eat them;

I had a second full night’s sleep last night thanks to Bethan;

I noticed a tiny, purple lobelia flower poking out from amongst the weeds at the end of the garden this morning…I thought the snails had eaten all of the flowers I planted there but at least one has survived;

I spotted this sign in Aldi (while I was buying cous cous and a wetsuit – standard Aldi shopping trip)…I couldn’t resist such a massive saving (every penny counts);

Outrageous savings to be had!
Outrageous savings to be had!

Someone messed up at the BBC and sent out 2 breaking news alerts to millions of people ( including me)…apparently there will be no nudity in the latest episode of ‘Game of Thrones’!!!


Catrin was presented with a really lovely picture by her friend Imogen at preschool today…it was a drawing of Catrin, Imogen and a tiny Bethan and it said ‘Have a happy day’ on it;

Have a happy day
Have a happy day

Bethan has learnt to blow raspberries (I think Catrin might have taught her that particular life skill);

At bath time, Catrin (out of the blue) exclaimed “Daddy has a special cock…it is a jelly baby cock and it tells the time and says when I can have a jelly baby and when I can’t have a jelly baby”…she meant ‘clock’ and it turns out that she was referring to my husband’s explanation that she couldn’t eat too many jelly babies too quickly and would have to wait until the clock had reached a certain time before she could have any more.

I really should pay more attention to the simple pleasures because I would be lost and miserable without them.


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