My new toy

“Someone took my pyjamas away”… A small, confused and very tired voice mumbled at the doorway this morning. Catrin had no recollection whatsoever of the little accident she had in the middle of the night while she tried to use the toilet in her semi-sleep. I had removed her pyjamas and cleaned her up but she crawled back into her bed before I could put clean pyjamas on her. I wonder how long it will be before I find her raiding the pain au chocolat stash in her sleep…

I took delivery of my new phone today… I was very happy with my new toy but I know that it is not my phone which makes me happy it is the (perhaps excessive) 3000 photos stored on it and easy access to my family and friends. The phone is just a piece of plastic but it has helped me to stay in touch with adults while I have been home with small children and has helped to maintain a vestige of sanity through the haze of CBeebies and Disney. Although I do wonder if we miss beautiful and interesting real-life people and things right in front of us when we are too busy looking at Candy Crush or Twitterbookagram and I am definitely guilty of looking at my handset too often. I saw this tiny beetle with a body shining like the multicoloured shimmer of petrol sitting on a stalk of lavender a couple of days ago… I was glad to have put my phone down long enough to spot it…but then I instinctively grabbed it again to take some photos.

Tiny beetle on the lavender
Tiny beetle on the lavender

While waiting for the delivery I found myself staring blankly at the TV while endless daytime TV drivel paraded in front of my eyes and Bethan wriggled around on my lap. She wasn’t impressed by the programme about people being refused planning permission, nor did she like the retired couple looking for a house in either the Wirral or Marbella or the people selling the ghastly contents of their attics for 37p at an auction in Macclesfield and demonstrated her displeasure through the medium of interpretive squirming. I had to agree with her…I go back to work in a couple of weeks and, although I am dreading it in some ways, I will be glad to avoid a slow and painful death by daytime TV. I might miss ‘Bondi Rescue’ though…

Bethan had her first experience of pasta bolognese this evening…she sneakily lunged for Catrin’s uneaten dinner while Catrin had wandered off and shoved her hands straight into it before flapping them enthusiastically, liberally distributing the bolognese across the garden. She seemed to enjoy herself and happily chomped on the spoon she stole from the bowl of pasta without remorse. Catrin might be wise to eat her food in one sitting in future…or risk losing it to a ravenous and cunning little sister.

I reached the 100 sit-ups, 150 crunches milestones this evening and felt quite proud of that…still no obvious changes to my belly but a toenail did drop off (I’m not quite sure why). Definitely no more lemon meringue mousses tomorrow.


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