Treasure chest

“Have you made my treasure chest yet?”

I should have learnt by now that Catrin never forgets anything (unless it is something she selectively forgets…like the instruction to stop picking her nose). About a week ago (while pretending to be a pirate) she asked me if she could have a treasure chest to keep her pirate treasure in and I, absent mindedly, agreed to make one for her to ‘match her den’. I have regretted that promise as she has asked me almost every day since if it has been made yet. Today I went ahead and built a treasure chest out of sticks to match the den (as interior design is important for den zen)…it took more time and more string than I expected. Catrin tried to put ‘treasure’ (other sticks) into it before I had finished making the sides, so that might have accounted for some of the extended build time. She seemed pleased with it when it finally had 5 sides and a lid and immediately loaded it up with her Anna doll, an elephant bag and a plastic medal. Pleased with my creation, I named it ‘Stikka’ in tribute to Ikea. I have never built a treasure chest out of sticks before, for some reason, so this can be my ‘new thing’ for today.
New thing: making a treasure chest out of sticks and string
Excitement rating: 4/10
Interest rating: 3/10
Impact-on-my-life rating: 1.5/10

The stick treasure chest made her smile for a moment and forget that she was having an hormonal teenager day (I am dreading every day being like that in 10 years or so). This morning and early afternoon was one long strop which took place over multiple locations. Unfortunately the bad behaviour continued into the evening, resulting in a big telling off at bath time when she thought it would be funny to send a tsunami across the bathroom floor where I was dressing Bethan after her bath. She was being a madam and doing the opposite of everything we asked because she was tired but, as usual, any time we told her to have a nap she replied with “I am NOT tired!!!”

My promise to myself to commence Operation Healthy Eating today was predictably broken by lunchtime when we picked up a McDonald’s (Old Macdonald’s in Catrin’s world). I wish I could keep my promises to myself as well as I keep my promises to my daughters. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Who needs Ikea when you have sticks and string?
Who needs Ikea when you have sticks and string?

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