A revelation about cats

Super comfy
Super comfy

The longest day of the year began with my husband suffering from a mysterious alcohol-related sickness bug (with thunderous snoring); Catrin selecting a particularly comfortable sleeping position and Bethan demanding her 3rd breakfast at dawn. Feeding a baby at 4am doesn’t feel so much like a night feed when the sky is light and beautifully clear…I love the summer.

Mr. G. got out of bed just in time to find Catrin with poo on her T-shirt and shorts using the toilet. She looked up and declared “I didn’t get it on my knickers!” to him as he made a mad grab for the wipes. Two showers, a packet of wipes, a full change of clothes (including knickers) and lots of stain remover later and all was well again. Toddler poo really is the perfect hangover antidote.

Sale coming soon in Mothercare
Sale coming soon in Mothercare

We visited Bluewater for some items to take on our holiday (including new swimming togs which will soon see action in the lakes of south east Canada). Many of the shops had sad-looking World Cup displays of England-related merchandise…I sense a sale coming on. We had a lovely lunch (Pizza Express, complete with the standard pepperoni pizza toddler tantrum), then we visited friends for a barbecue in their garden as it would definitely have been rude to waste the sunshine. We spent a lazy sunny afternoon munching on squeaky halloumi, chasing a rogue pet rabbit around the lawn and philosophising while our children ran away from monsters and used our friend as a trampoline (we didn’t attempt to rescue him…we just took photos in a sympathetic, helpful sort of way).

After much high-brow discussion, the conversation turned to cat sperm (obviously). Apparently kittens from the same litter can have different fathers…this revelation left us dumbfounded and we tried to work out how that could be. I did not know this fact before, so my new knowledge on the subject of multiple cat ‘baby farvers’ is my ‘new thing’ for today. According to the interweb, female cats ovulate when a male cat mates with them (induced ovulation) and another cat mating with the female can cause more eggs to be released…so several eggs can be fertilised by different male cats and form the same litter. You never know, it might come up in a pub quiz!
New thing: knowledge of kitten multiple paternity
Excitement rating: 3/10
Interest rating: 6.5/10
Impact-on-my-life rating: 2/10

The sky was still light outside when I went to bed at 10.30pm after dutifully doing my 30 squat and abs challenges exercises. I was hoping to have a flatter belly and firmer backside by now but I can’t see much difference (apart from finding sit-ups much easier to do now). I can only put that down to the cakes and other non-healthy rubbish I eat and not doing any running or ‘proper’ exercise. I don’t have much time for running, so I need to stop scoffing cakes, chocolate and ice-cream…again. I will start tomorrow. Honest.


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