Cake and religious rabbits

Styled out the holes with some frosting
Styled out the holes with some frosting

Today I returned to my ‘try something new every day’ quest and had a go at making peaches and cream cupcakes (with real peach in them). I have never tried making cakes with fruit in them before and, I’ll be honest, I was a bit sceptical when I took them out of the oven because the cake mixture hadn’t stuck to the peach bits and had left a gap around the fruit when it baked. I tried one after lunch and was pleasantly surprised. I seem to be quite good at making ugly cakes which taste nice. I will test them on some friends tomorrow.
New thing: making peachy cupcakes
Excitement rating: 6/10
Interest rating: 5/10
Impact-on-my-life rating: 3/10

I learnt something very unexpected today…it turns out that Miffy, the cartoon rabbit from the 1960s which Catrin is quite fond of, is some sort of messiah! I discovered this when Catrin handed a book entitled ‘Miffy’ with the harmless looking rabbit in a dress on the cover to me this evening and instructed me to read it to her. I hadn’t read this particular book before and was expecting the usual basic story with mildly educational subplot and happy ending but the story was actually as follows…

Miffy’s mum likes cleaning and shopping and her dad likes gardening. One night Miffy’s mum sees an angel in the garden who tells her she will have a baby. Miffy is then born and visited by a selection of animals before having a snooze. The end.

Now that I am aware that a major religion was based around the mysterious birth of a cartoon rabbit to gender stereotyped parents I will never view the nativity in quite the same way again. Joking aside, I was actually quite shocked to find such a seemingly innocent book containing overtly religious connotations (and such blatant gender stereotyping) until I realised it was written in 1963 when things were very different. I like to think that children’s literature has moved on a bit since then.

Miffy's mum being visited by an angel(!)
Miffy’s mum being visited by an angel(!)

Those stupid foxes excreted on the lawn again last night. I have now exhausted our supply of ‘stop pooing on my lawn, you stupid foxes’ slime and I am seriously considering camping on the driveway to scare them away. Maybe a scarecrow dressed as a fox hunter would work?

The flappy England car flags officially became redundant this evening as England was booted out of the World Cup after just two matches. They looked a bit miserable flapping limply in the breeze as the sun set last night (a bit like the England team). I wondered how long it would take their owners to remove the flags…is it 12 days like Christmas? Or longer than that like the house on my street with Christmas lights and an illuminated grey snowman which have been on their roof for at least the last decade?


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