3-eyed monster

Catrin's monster
Catrin’s monster

“Look mummy, I made a monster and I gave him a little haircut and he has got 3 eyes!”
Catrin clearly had a good time at preschool today. I also had a slightly more productive day than yesterday…I had a thrilling excursion to Aldi, made enquiries about the cost of hiring donkeys and a pirate and gave the bathroom a bit of a clean (my hands still smell strongly of cleaner’s store cupboard).

I saw a pub car park full of cars adorned with those flappy little English flags on the way to collect my husband from work this evening. There were so many of them that I was unsure as to whether they belonged to a flock of football ‘fans’ or if the pub was hosting an EDL conference. I suspect the flags may make their way into darkened corners of cupboards and drawers for the next 4 years very soon, though. I nearly inadvertently watched the England match this evening when, to my horror, I realised that I was trapped under a sleeping baby with the remote control out of reach and the TV showing coverage of the England game as it was about to start. I overheard a pundit comment “Wayne Rooney dropping back in will thicken us up” and thought ‘yes, but I’m not entirely sure how being thicker is a positive thing’. Luckily my husband rescued me in the nick of time and handed me the remote before he headed upstairs to deal with tired and grumpy Catrin’s requests for the moon on a stick.

There was a beautiful sunset this evening…it’s a shame so many people missed it while watching very rich men in shorts failing to score goals past a bloke who seemed to be sponsored by Dyno-Rod. Unfortunately my enjoyment of the lovely sunset was disturbed by 3 drunk and shouty louts tipping over the wheelie bin outside my house. This made me cross as it was so totally unnecessary and stupid and I was trying to get Bethan to sleep at the time and she woke up again due to the loud bang. I really dislike inconsiderate idiots like those three muppets.

I also dislike the following things:

Christmas lights and decorations which are never taken down and remain dangling from the exterior of buildings for years and years, fading into a yellowy-grey colour in the summer sun;

People using phones while driving (also drink driving, drug driving and generally driving like a moron)… People die;

Stupid flappy England car flags (of course) and giant eyelashes for car headlights;

People who moan about their lives but don’t try to change it. Don’t spend your life moaning…it is too short and precious to waste;

Fox poo on my lawn. It stinks. My lawn is not a toilet and I wish they would leave it alone;

People who constantly go on about their rights but shirk their responsibilities;


Slugs & snails. They don’t seem to have any purpose other than eating my plants;

Daytime TV ‘personalities’ (the density of their fake tan is inversely proportionate to their depth of character and ability to say something of interest).




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