Life’s a beach


Today we visited one of my favourite childhood haunts…Lligwy Beach on Anglesey. My parents used to take me and my sister there on sunny summer days to build sandcastles, paddle in the sea and find crabs and tiny fish in the rock pools when we were kids…we loved it and have many fond memories of our family outings at the seaside. Today I watched my Dad spending his Father’s Day once again with bucket in hand, scouring the rock pools for crabs with my sister and Catrin while my Mum collected shells and flowers to decorate our sandcastle with. It felt a bit like the clock had been turned back 30 years but this time the two young sisters playing on the sand were Catrin and Bethan. I hope they remember their days at the beach as fondly as I do in years to come. Maybe one day I’ll visit the same beach as a grandparent and continue the rock pooling and castle building traditions. I hope I run about with a kite in my hand and a huge grin on my face like my Dad too.

Crab bothering
Crab bothering

On our way to Anglesey, we stopped off at the West Shore Beach Cafe (newly reopened after being mangled in the storms last winter). They do the most amazing food and cakes there and for my ‘new thing’ today I tried their bara brith (a Welsh fruitbread, smothered in lovely butter). It was gorgeous (or ‘lush, tidy, faaabluss’ as they say in Wales) and now I want to try making a batch when I get home for all my southeastern friends who are bara brith virgins.
New thing: West Shore Beach Cafe bara brith
Excitement rating: 6/10
Interest rating: 5/10
Impact-on-my-life rating: 5/10

Following the bara brith experience, we headed out of Llandudno and just as we were joining the dual carriageway the unmistakable “pleurghhhhh!!!” of a child vomiting came from the back seat. Bethan had sprayed herself, her seat and her toy with a large quantity of peachy, milky baby sick. Catrin, sitting next to her, was certainly less than impressed. A full change of clothes and half a packet of wipes later she was supervising sandcastle operations as if nothing had happened.

This morning I noticed that I had, in my efforts to complete the sit-ups and crunches for the 30 day abs challenge, managed to give myself friction burns and bruising on my tailbone on the hard carpeted floor at my parents’ house. I felt like a complete muppet. My mum offered me a plaster for it but it is not really the sort of place a band aid can be successfully utilised.

I lay in bed at the end of the day, still rubbing sand out of my eyes, and glanced across at the cot next to the bed. I used to sleep in that cot…then my sister did and then Catrin did. Tonight Bethan was fast asleep like a little starfish in it. I wondered who would be the next occupant. Whoever they are, I hope they enjoy the beach as much as I do.


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