Gruffalo hunt

Examining the Gruffalo's purple prickles
Examining the Gruffalo’s purple prickles

All was quiet in the deep, dark wood. A mum found a cake and the cake was good.

Today was a beautiful day to go Gruffalo hunting with my children, my parents, my aunt and uncle and my cousin’s family in the Deep, Dark Wood (Delamere Forest) as part of the Gruffalo’s 15th birthday celebrations. I was in need of cake before we set off as it had already been a busy morning:

01.31- Bethan wakes up, wanting milk
02.14- Bethan asleep again. Try to move her back to cot. Bethan awake again. More milk required.
02.35- Bethan asleep again. Notice Catrin is falling off her bed. Get up to put her back in bed. While up, Bethan rolls into centre of sofa bed. Attempt to move Bethan…she starts to wake up again. Leave Bethan in centre of sofa bed…I try to sleep horizontally across end of bed.
03.46- Bethan awake again. More milk.
04.10- Bethan asleep again. Daren’t try to move her back to cot. Resume dozing across end of sofa bed.
05.12- Dog invasion. Household pet escapes from dining room and enters bedroom…sniffs around and tries to raid food bag. I get up to shoo her back into dining room and close the door.
06.30- Bethan awake again. More milk. I fall asleep feeding her.
08.30- Woken by Catrin announcing that it is ‘morning time’…realise we have 1 hour to do 3x breakfast, have shower , dress all 3 of us, make sandwiches, pack picnic and leave for the Gruffalo trail. Do it all as fast as possible and leave the house 10 minutes late.

Catrin and her two young cousins have not seen each other for a few years as we live a fair distance apart (her 3-year old cousin was a tiny baby when we last met up), but they made an excellent team of intrepid Gruffalo hunters as they ran from signpost to signpost jumping about, screeching and flapping their arms in excitement. They conducted a thorough and methodical search and located the fox, snake, owl and mouse, but seemed less enthusiastic when they found the ‘life size’ carved wooden Gruffalo at the end of the trail. They carried on walking along the path, collecting copious amounts of pine cones in a nappy bag and reluctantly returned to the Gruffalo when persuaded to have their photos taken by the gaggle of adults with their cameras at the ready.

Picnic and football followed. Bethan tried to eat the grass while Catrin and her cousins attempted to play hide and seek in an open field completely devoid of hiding places. With the daring rescue of a packet of crisps from a patch of nettles, the morning’s activities came to a close. At one point I was the only person awake in the car on the way home (which was fortunate as I was driving).

For today’s ‘new thing’ I was treated to a viewing of the Disney film, ‘Tangled’ when we returned to my parents’ house. I had been told that Catrin would probably enjoy it by several friends with young children and she did sit and concentrate on it for almost the entire film, whilst commenting on the action. I found it enjoyable too and am hopeful that we can perhaps use it to intersperse between repetitive requests for ‘Frozen’ in future.
New thing: First viewing of ‘Tangled’
Excitement rating: 4/10
Interest rating: 3/10
Impact-on-my-life rating: 3.5/10

Tortoise bothering
Tortoise bothering

Not wanting to miss out on the lovely sunshine, we had our dinner al fresco this evening and then searched for my sister’s tortoise when it disappeared into the undergrowth and rubbed bite relief cream onto the back of my leg where a red ant had a field day in my trousers. Then came the usual bedtime battle (a full 28 minutes was shaved off last night’s time).

I watched the sun setting over the Irish Sea and shining through the wind farms on the water in the calm moment just after they had both finally gone to sleep…it looked very beautiful (even through bleary eyes).

Sunset through the wind farms
Sunset over the Irish Sea

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