Garden tiger

The Garden Tiger That Came to Tea
The Garden Tiger Who Came to Tea

I wanted to try making lemon cupcakes for my first ‘trying a new thing’ experience today. However, having two young children seriously hampers my ability to do anything I want to do most of the time and I was thwarted by packing for another road trip whilst feeding ravenous baby, the dinner time tantrum and traditional bedtime protestations. Feeling defeated after putting Catrin in her room to calm down mid-strop, I went outside to collect in the dry washing from the washing line and I spotted a large, hairy caterpillar trundling about on the path and stopping for food now and then. It looked highly improbable as a creature and glared at me as I took photos as if to say “get a life…haven’t you ever seen a crawling dismembered cat’s tail before?” A bit of googling later and it turns out to be a ‘Garden Tiger’ caterpillar, which will become a beautiful moth with a wingspan of around 5cm in time. I decided that, I the absence of cupcakes, this sighting would be a good ‘something new’ as I had never seen this sort of caterpillar before and learning about what it will become was educational and thought-provoking.
New Thing: Garden Tiger caterpillar sighting
Excitement rating: 4/10
Interest rating: 6/10
Impact-on-my-life rating: 3/10

The football world cup started this evening (I know this because those daft flappy flag car accessories have appeared again; most of the houses in my neighbourhood are now decorated in ‘tasteful’ patriotic wonderment and everyone (including my husband) has suddenly become a football expert. As such, the first match of the tournament made its way to our television. I watched as a group of commentators (who, awkwardly, had dressed the same as each other) attempted to explain proceedings while three demure-looking children released three confused-looking doves prior to the match starting. The doves then proceeded to fly around above the pitch for quite some time (maybe dispensing good luck in form of avian defaecation upon the players) as they struggled to find their way out of the stadium.

On another channel, Theresa May was waffling on about something or other in Parliament. I didn’t catch what she was saying (probably something about the police being rubbish) as the top she was wearing put a rather unpleasant image in my head. The pattern on it made her look like she was not wearing a top at all and that she was displaying an ample and very wrinkly cleavage. I changed channels again at speed.

Our revered Home Secretary
Our revered Home Secretary

It has been pointed out to me that, when it comes to showing knickers to all and sundry, I am quite the expert. Looks like Catrin is just following in my footsteps.

Me and my pants
Me and my pants

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