Costume and dramas

Today saw another road trip northwards…this time to visit my parents in North Wales (dropping my husband off en route to visit his brother). We made excellent time and the girls slept nearly the whole way, only waking for a quick loo break in Northampton Services (mucky toilets, 2/10) and a quick lunch in Knutsford Services (slightly better loos, 6/10). Bethan didn’t moan at all until I was driving the last leg solo along the M56/ A55 with ‘The Cat In The Hat’ playing very loudly for Catrin’s benefit (Bethan is more of a Hans Christian Andersen fan than a Dr Seuss appreciator, I think).

Queen Catrin of Arundel
Queen Catrin of Arendelle

My Mum, in response to Catrin’s request for an ‘Elsa dress’ and being handy with a sewing machine, had been making a fantastic Elsa dressing up costume over the past couple of weeks (way better than anything I could have fashioned in a million years). This was a surprise for Catrin and she absolutely loved it…she swished around the house in it for the rest of the day and refused to take it off to go food shopping or even to go to bed (“it will get crinkled if you sleep in it”; “but I like it crinkled!”). She did eventually concede to wearing pyjamas to bed, but I suspect she will want to go Gruffalo hunting as Elsa tomorrow. It was lovely to see her eyes light up when she caught her reflection and she couldn’t refuse sneaking a quick look at it as I was putting it on over her head. I really must learn to sew as I can see plenty more costume requests coming as their imaginations grow and change.

2 chilli heat rating...does that make me hardcore?
2 chilli heat rating…does that make me hardcore?

Unfortunately my ‘new thing’ for today doesn’t score highly in the ratings, but I tried my first Sainsbury’s prawn linguine for dinner this evening. I am usually an utter wimp when it comes to hot(ish) food…I like a korma, rather than a proper curry, for example…but I thought I’d be ‘adventurous’ and try the linguine with not 1, but 2 chilli heat rating on the packaging (how utterly crazy of me). It turned out to be quite tasty and not too chillified at all. Maybe I will try a proper curry next time now that I can handle the burn…
New thing: Prawn linguine (2 chillies heat level)
Excitement rating: 3/10
Interest rating: 2/10
Impact-on-my-life rating: 2.5/10

Being in a different place this evening did not lessen the bedtime traumas at all. Catrin tried her full repertoire of sleep avoidance tactics and maintained her efforts for a full two hours following her less than graceful bellyflop into the bath, until the threat of Gruffalo withdrawal tomorrow finally hailed victory for the 4 adults versus 1 toddler in the bedtime battle of wills. Why is it always so difficult?!

I finally settled on the sofa bed in the last few minutes of today, having completed today’s abs and squats exercises as quietly as possible next to Catrin’s bed. I suspect I won’t sleep for long, though, as it is Bethan’s turn next in the wake-up tag team.


2 thoughts on “Costume and dramas

  1. Very beautiful Erica..I look forward to your blogs everyday…the descriptions are so seems we are actually talking to each other..lots of love and blessings to Catrin and Bethan

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