People watching

A couple of days ago I wrote about my hope that my daughters would never end up displaying their underpants to all and sundry. However, I left Catrin at preschool this morning dancing around, holding her dress up over her head, displaying her underpants to all and sundry. So that hope has already been dashed.

After leaving Catrin showing off her knickers at preschool, Bethan and I headed to Bluewater in search of Father’s Day gifts. We arrived before the shops opened so we adjourned to a well known coffee establishment while we waited and indulged in a spot of people watching. I enjoy people watching (not in a stalky sort of way, but in a passing interest in other people’s lives sort of way). I took note of the ‘ladies of leisure’ table next to me…three 40-something ladies wearing floral print dresses, diamanté sandals and quite a lot if make up, gesturing wildly as they gossiped over their frothy cappuccinos. There was the couple with the larger waistlines in the corner, tucking into breakfast rolls and happily chatting away with shiny faces and their mouths full and a group of yummy mummies who seamlessly continued their conversations while mopping spilt drinks from the laps of their wriggling tots and toddlers. In my head I had made up life stories for each of them without knowing them at all. I wondered if any of them were doing the same to me.

This left me in a philosophical mood and, after a few encounters with ridiculously poor drivers (usual for this area), I found myself considering the fragility of life. When I started this blog I explained that I hoped to make the most of my life (as well as trying to be a good mum)…but since writing that first post, I haven’t consciously done anything specific towards that goal (apart from writing this blog, which has become a very enjoyable pastime). I mulled it over and decided to (try to) do at least one new thing every day. This could be trying a new food or drink, learning something new, having a new experience, going to a place I have never visited before or suchlike. I will also try not to turn down opportunities (within reason). I will start tomorrow and see where that takes me…and chart my successes and failures here.

As I bedded down on the sofa for the night (as it is too hot to sleep upstairs), feeling a bit smug that I had done my 30 day abs challenge exercises and got Bethan to sleep at a reasonable hour, I heard the padding of feet as Catrin (who should have been tucked up in her bed) snuck downstairs again…”I’m hungry”. She refused to eat most of her dinner, so I pointed out that fact to her. Cue strop. I sensed that my smug feeling had been a bit premature…maybe I should try the exterior superhero pants look tomorrow as my ‘new thing’…what are the chances it will give me supermum powers?


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