Paddling pool

Being (a slightly soggy) Elsa
Being (a slightly soggy) Elsa

“Look Mummy, look!”
I look down to see Catrin proudly parading around with her knickers on over the top of her pyjama bottoms.
“Why are you wearing your knickers on top of your pyjamas?”
“Ummmmm…I don’t know. ”

She was particularly fond of her new ‘superhero exterior knickers’ look that she refused to change out of her pyjamas and pants all morning (it is a good thing she didn’t have preschool today). She was also adamant that, despite the lovely (and very rare) sunny weather, she would not go outside. Eventually I managed to persuade her to put something else on and leave the DVDs…by promising her that I would get the paddling pool out.

She loves the paddling pool and was desperate to be in charge of the hosepipe to fill it up. When her moment of glory came with the hose she did a very good job of watering the weeds and lawn. Her aim definitely has room for improvement. When the novelty of hose duty had worn off, she fetched her new ‘Frozen’ swimming costume and demanded to be allowed to wear it immediately and then checked on the progress of the pool filling operation every few minutes (preceded by the question “is it ready yet?” every single time).

She really enjoyed herself when it finally was ready and practically bellyflop launched herself into the water like a crazed penguin. Bethan, watching from her walker, thought it was absolutely hilarious until she was splashed square in the face by Catrin pretending to be Elsa shooting snowflakes from her fingertips.

Laughing at big sister
Laughing at big sister

Al fresco Dominos Pizza in Catrin’s castle followed. I thought that the paddling pool session would have worn her out, but she was still up and full of mischievous energy way beyond bedtime. Maybe the exterior knickers did give her super powers after all…


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