Den Phase 2

"Can you make the door now?"
“Can you make the door now?”

This morning I had my first experience of a frappuccino (a strawberries and cream one). It was utterly indulgent and probably contained the best part of a week’s worth of sugar…but it tasted nice and I drunk/ate it anyway. It was a good way to start a sunny Sunday. My enjoyment was only disturbed by Catrin (in the manner of a typically uninhibited toddler) announcing at the top of her voice to the entire shopping centre “I NEED A POOOOOO!!!!”.

Catrin was then confronted by a small boy on the big slide in the playground…
Boy: “You can’t go on the big slide because I am 4 and you are too little”
Catrin ignored him and proceeded to climb up the cargo net onto the big slide. The boy couldn’t climb up the cargo net without help and just stood at the bottom and watched her make her way to the big slide. I was proud of her for showing him where to stick his sizeist attitude.

Her exploits in the playground led to her becoming tired and grumpy on the way back to the car.
“I think you’re tired, Catrin”
“I am NOT tired”
“Oh. Well I’m tired.”
“Well you can have a little sleep when you are driving the car, can’t you Daddy.”

Phase 2 of Project Den commenced this afternoon and, as more building materials were required, I pruned the other overgrown tree in the garden. In truth I did get a bit carried away and cut off a more than I was intending to…there is now a big hole in one side of the tree and I have sawn off branches which were several inches thick. There is definitely no way I will fit that amount of tree in the brown wheelie bin, but at least I won’t have to prune it again for a while. My over zealous lumberjacking did mean that, with Catrin as my construction assistant, we finished the den today (apart from the ‘leafy door with the leaf door handle’ and the ‘flag on top’). We incorporated a window (not double glazed, much to Catrin’s derision) and made a table out of sticks and string. I explained to her that, if she ever got lost in the jungle, she would now know how to build a house with a dining room. I didn’t break it to her that she would be unlikely to find pain au chocolat in the jungle.


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