Being childish

Princess Catrin surveying her realm from her partially built 'house'
Princess Catrin surveying her realm from her partially built ‘house’

Today I have been mostly feeling creative…and childish.

I made a crown for Catrin at her request and she decorated it with twinkly bits, felt tip pens and flowers…she then spent the rest of the day parading around with it on her head declaring that us peasants must only refer to her as ‘Princess Catrin’. The top of her slide became her castle and the garden was her realm.

I love her imagination so, when I cut back an overgrown tree in the garden this afternoon, I felt inspired to convert it into a proper old-school den (only partly because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to fit all the branches I had chopped off into the garden waste bin in one go and so I would need somewhere to store them until the bin men empty this week’s bins).

I felt a bit like a girl guide again as I sorted the branches into ‘long and thin’, ‘thick non-bendy branches’, ‘sticks and Y-shaped branches’ and ‘little bits to be squashed into the brown bin’. My intention was to build the structure (like a ridge tent), weave the ‘long and thin’ branches around the structure to make walls and then accessorise with furniture made from the ‘sticks and Y-shaped’ branches. I started weaving the walls and Princess Catrin broke from her matinee viewing of Toy Story 2 occasionally to ask me “have you finished my house yet?” She wasn’t satisfied with the basic den design as it took shape, though…

“Can I have a window? A real window?”

“Can I have a leafy door? With a leaf door handle?”

“It needs a flag on top”

“There is a snail in there, mummy. Please take it out. I do not want snails in my house!”

I can pretend all I want that I was building the den for Catrin but, if I am totally honest, I was building it for myself. Not for me to sit in, but just for the enjoyment of building it. It made me feel like a child again and I think all adults need that sometimes. I also felt like a child when I was making the crown and when I was eyeing up a chair which hangs from a tree in a catalogue earlier.

I am going to finish the den tomorrow (including furniture)…because I want to.


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