Well done, Daddy!
Well done, Daddy!

Good news! My husband’s application for promotion at work has been successful! I am so happy for him as he has worked extremely hard to progress his career and has met with hurdle after hurdle along the way. To show that we are proud of him and our appreciation of his hard work, Catrin decorated a ‘well done’ card for him. She intended to present it to him when we drove to his office but she fell asleep on the way and was still asleep when I dropped him off again for a celebratory drink with his friends.

On days when Catrin attends preschool I usually get a full and detailed account of what she made and games she played that day from her when I pick her up. Her stories always involve her close friend Imogen and today was no exception…

Me: “So what did you do today, Catrin?”
Catrin: *takes a big breath* “I did a spoon race but I dropped the egg and I didn’t win but Imogen winned and she got a sticker for winning and I fell down in the preschool garden on the green bit and I cried and cried but Imogen’s toy made it better and I cuddled it and it made me happy again and Imogen gave me her toy to make me feel better and I gave her my toy too.”

It’s lovely that she has such a good friend who comforts Catrin when she is upset. I haven’t told Catrin that Imogen will be going to big school in September yet…she will be very sad not to see her friend so often.

As Catrin was occupied with preschool today I took the opportunity to attempt, once again, to tame the front garden/bramble farm. Again I removed copious amounts of fox poo from the grass and felt particularly glamorous doing so with grass splattered up my legs from the strimmer and bramble thorns in my hands. I know I will have to do it again in a week or two, but purposefully flung the ‘stop pooing on the lawn you stupid foxes’ crystals all over the grass anyway.


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