Going home

Fox cushion
Fox cushion

The morning after Knightmare Live started with a hearty hotel breakfast . I’m not entirely convinced that the suited business people at the neighbouring tables really had a desire for a recital of Catrin’s ‘Frozen’ medley in mind as they briskly consumed their croissants and coffee, but she carried on regardless.

Before heading back down south we visited my husband’s aunt and uncle en route to the motorway. Catrin took a shine to the floral fox cushions on their sofa and was presented with one of them to keep (I have no idea how she always seems to be given objects she likes…I wish her charm would rub off on me). Before we left I took her upstairs for a toilet break and she said “I like their toilet! What’s that?” She was indicating the green toilet freshening gel which was stuck to the inside of the toilet bowl. Before I could say a word in reply, to my horror she stuck her hand into the toilet and prodded the gel with her finger. A very prompt and thorough hand wash followed, along with a detailed explanation of why we don’t stick fingers into toilets.

The journey back home was much faster than the journey north and both girls and I snoozed and dribbled for a couple of hours while my husband drove (Catrin still clutching her fox cushion). First job when we arrived home was to clean the poo out of Bethan’s belly button (another poonami vest write-off job) . She looked very pleased with herself for creating such a spectacularly fragrant nappy.

I gave my husband a quick crash course in chocolate brownie making before bedtime and he created his entry for his workplace ‘Bake Off’ competition. He even added a little decorative icing sugar dusting on top to display his new-found baking prowess. Considering his usual level of cooking skill (expert at heating frozen pizzas), I was very impressed.

After I put a, finally sleeping, baby to bed and checked on Catrin (snoring away and still clutching the fox cushion), I dutifully did my 30 day abs challenge exercises. They actually felt a bit more difficult today (the number of reputations increase every day). It is around this point that I usually ‘forget’ to carry on, but I am only on day 5 and would feel like a bit of a wimp if I did stop…so I am going to make a sticker chart for myself tomorrow. If it works for toddler potty training, it might work for me. I then fell asleep on the sofa while catching up on the much awaited ‘My Kitchen Rules’ Grand Final. I still don’t know who won.


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