Snails and screeching

Snail hunter
Snail hunter

It has been one of those days where I had plans to do so many things, but stood no chance of doing them when constantly bombarded with Catrin’s insistence that I reenact the entirety of That film (plus deleted scenes) in the role of Anna while Bethan screamed at me in disgust every time I tried to put her down. Even food arranged in the shape of a smiley face just did not cut it. I took them outside to the garden in the hope that I could keep them both amused somehow for a few minutes while I hacked away at the garden jungle, but I was proudly presented with snails every few seconds by the intrepid snail hunter and Bethan attempted to capture and eat every leaf which landed on the play mat.

By evening Catrin was uncooperative and grumpy and declaring “I am NOT tired” (which definitely means that she is tired). She was running around the house wearing a Minnie Mouse shower cap and a muslin cloth in a cape-like fashion. I have no idea why we even have a Minnie Mouse shower cap but it became just one of many things she tried to avoid bedtime.

Peace eventually replaced the screeching just in time for this week’s ‘The Island with Bear Grylls’ and I was instantly cheered up by the sight of a constipated bloke with a tube up his bottom receiving an enema from another bloke armed with a bottle of brownish water. This was followed by footage of the bloke doing the flush-it-out wiggle on the beach and then his successful trip to the designated pooing place. Later they elected a ‘project manager’ and I was willing Alan Sugar to leap out of the jungle with this week’s business task. Sadly that didn’t happen.


One thought on “Snails and screeching

  1. Ha, ha, loved it…Like your little snail hunter Catrin I have a little boy who loves to dangle dead lizards infront of his mommy…thank good the summer vacations in India will soon get over…

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