Birthday party


Elsa: “Sometimes Olaf plays tricks on me”
Someone’s Dad: (muttering under his breath) “Too much information”

This wasn’t another unseen scene from ‘Frozen’, but a seen scene from the 4th birthday party of Catrin’s friend this afternoon. After presenting the birthday girl with her gift and depositing a box of homemade chocolate brownies (still warm and slightly squidgy) on the food table, we settled down to watch a children’s entertainer (dressed as Elsa) run the party games. She had her work cut out for her as each of the parents present had probably been forced to watch it as many times as I have and, inevitably, knew the plot and the characters inside-out…plus she was trying her best to be jolly and lively with a chest infection. The kids loved it and didn’t question why this Elsa’s love interest was, apparently, Kristoff (we speculated on the love triangle possibilities, or perhaps Elsa simply stole her sister’s man after the film ended, leaving Anna to grow old bitter and angry at the world).

The games continued on with a pompom dance, pass the parcel (containing Olaf’s lost carrot nose), musical statues and limbo competition. I was willing the boys to request the tiara and handbag set competition prize and the girls to ask for the dragon or pirate prizes. It is a shame that so many people define toys based on gender as I know that a boy can enjoy a doll just as much as a girl can enjoy a toy tool set. So, as Elsa suggested that the girls dance like butterflies and the boys dance like superheroes, my husband wondered whether the next prize would be the Bumper Book of Gender Stereotypes. Later Elsa handed out balloon models…
Catrin: “can I have a sword?”
Elsa: “Here, have a doggy”
Catrin was very happy with her balloon dog regardless.

The two pet bunnies in their run on the lawn also seemed to be enjoying themselves.They are both female but that didn’t stop them…diversity makes life interesting, though, so there is always a place for lesbian rabbits

The children all had a fantastic time playing games with Elsa and answering her questions…
Elsa: “Can you be cheeky monkeys?”
Child: “My mummy says I’m a cheeky monkey”
As they finished the entertainment, Operation Pilfer commenced and the adults tried to sneak in to the kitchen to raid the party food before the kids did, while attempting (and failing) to subtly conceal their loot like teenage shoplifters in Poundland.

When we got home, Catrin asked “Why wasn’t Pissedoff at the party?” I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the situation with Pissedoff was a bit awkward because of the love triangle.

At tea-time Bethan decided to experiment with alternative methods of dinner consumption. She snorted half of her rusk & porridge combo and wore the other half as a fetching hair accessory. By bedtime she was still emitting porridge snot from her nose.

Tonight’s viewing pleasure was ‘Countryfile’, which featured a farmer chap looking for a new bull to add to his herd. As he fondled the bull’s equipment and checked that its assets were even, he commented “He’s so quiet…a lot of bulls would be kicking me now, but he’s not. I like that…I love him already”. Strange man.


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