Duplo tower

Daisy caterpillar's house
Daisy caterpillar’s house

So I inadvertently started my quest for fitness today by being chased around Beaconwood Country Park (or the Deep, Dark Wood) by Catrin. Every time I stopped she shouted “Again! Again!” at me and we carried on…It was like interval training with Catrin as my particularly fierce and persistent, daytime TV extreme weight loss programme personal trainer. Bethan looked on with a slightly bemused expression and happily drooled on her rucksack carrier throughout. Catrin eventually stopped beasting me and demanded that I make her a caterpillar out of daisies instead so she could “find a house for it in a tree”. I am not surprised by even her most random of requests these days, so I duly obliged.

Tomorrow I begin the 30 abs and squat challenges…with Catrin on my case I might actually complete them. Aside from hopefully looking slightly less flabby, I’ll take those challenges as the first step towards regaining a decent level of fitness and avoiding the potential embarrassment of failing the police fitness test.

"It's bigger than me!"
“It’s bigger than me!”

Following our outing to the Deep Dark Wood we spent the afternoon building impressive Duplo structures in the living room. My husband got slightly carried away in the moment when Catrin asked for “a tower taller than me” and ended up building a tower up to the ceiling. He was clearly having an excellent time playing with the Duplo…and why not? It is an excellent toy and I hope that, if we ever have grandchildren, Duplo endures as a popular toy still (so we can build things with it after the kids have gone to bed).



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