Naughty sock monster

'One-toy-at-a-time' policy in action
‘One-toy-at-a-time’ policy in action

In our house we operate a play-with-one-toy-at-a-time policy as our living room is on the small side and having multiple toys in play simultaneously leads to instant mess. As you can see in the photo, this policy is highly effective at all times and our house is always immaculate.

While tidying the mess which mysteriously appeared when I was preparing lunch, I stopped to look at a set of photos of Catrin as a baby on the mantlepiece (the photos were on the mantlepiece, not Catrin). It is a cliche, of course, to say “they grow up too fast” but glancing across the room at the long-legged, long-haired, 3-year-old Catrin in a hoody, I suddenly realised how big she has become. She was acting out unseen scenes from ‘Frozen’ for the viewing pleasure of her little sister (such as the scene where Elsa apologises to Anna for “hitting her in the face with magic by accident” and the scene where Elsa shows Anna a hiding place in her castle to “get away from the wolves”). Bethan was enjoying the performance until she flapped her arms a bit too vigorously, walloped herself in the eye with a toy rabbit and started to cry. Catrin immediately stopped the show and gave her a cuddle, saying “It’s OK Beffan, it’s ok…I know, I know”. I have no idea when she turned from a helpless baby into a sensitive and empathetic little girl but I am proud of her. I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up… “ummmm…maybe pretending to be a shopkeeper?” I wondered what sort of undercover espionage she will be conducting whilst she is ‘pretending’ to be a shopkeeper.

As she as grown, she has developed a strong sense of right and wrong and is quite forthcoming in challenging naughtiness. On previous occasions she has given a boy from pre-school a proper telling off (complete with pointing and stamping) because he pushed another child and she berates anyone who fails to share in a fair manner. Today a sock monster (a sock which she puts on her hand like a puppet) was the subject of her derision. This particular sock monster had the audacity to bite Daddy’s nose “It wasn’t me, Daddy…it was the sock monster” and so she banished it to the naughty step for the rest of the evening and delivered a lecture to it regarding the naughtiness of biting noses.

Sock monster on the naughty step
Sock monster on the naughty step

Now that Bethan has started to allow me to have slightly more sleep each night, I have been able to stay awake long enough to watch a non-CBeebies and non-‘Frozen’ related programme after both girls are sleeping. This makes me feel at bit more ‘me’ again. Last night I watched Coast Australia and loved it…I did not realise quite how beautiful and interesting Australia is and have been amazed by each of the programmes in the series so far. Recently a few friends moved to Perth and another to Townsville and they proudly post photos of the stunning beaches and perfect blue skies of their new home onto Facebook most days. I am slightly sad that I didn’t take the opportunity to see more of the world when I was younger and free of the responsibilities I have now. I have a list of places I would like to visit at some point in my life (on hold until my children are older)…now I just need a lottery win to fund the adventures.

So tonight’s viewing (after my daily fix of ‘Bondi Rescue’) will consist of the Cutting Edge ‘Meet the Commissioner’ documentary on Channel 4. Judging by the clips shown this week to promote the programme, I am expecting never to look at an onion in the same way again.


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