Scone shame

I had been waiting for this request and today it came…
“Can I have a dress like Elsa’s? With twinkly bits on it?”

Knowing that the ‘official’ Disney Elsa costumes have sold out everywhere, I explained that I would make one for her but that I didn’t have the wherewithal to do so immediately.
Seconds later:
“Have you made my dress yet?”
“No, I don’t have magic powers”
“Like Anna…she isn’t magic”
“That’s right – like Anna. I will need to buy the material…I can’t magic a dress from nothing”
*slight pause*
“So have you made it yet?”

This conversation continued in a similar vein for quite some time.

This morning I felt like I could (almost) take on the world as, for the first time ever, Bethan only woke up for food once last night (maybe she read yesterday’s blog post). This is a huge deal in my world and I’m starting to wonder if the rusk/ porridge/milk combo evening meal might be working in terms of tummy-filling potential. Only time will tell, but the thought of proper sleep fills me with much excitement and the world looks less blurry today.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been trying to instil in Catrin’s mind that, although pains au chocolat are tasty, she cannot live on them alone. We have been encouraging her to eat a varied diet and ‘proper’ meals rather than snacks. This evening she caught me eating a scone for my dinner and being a hypocrite as I had just turned down her numerous requests for pain au chocolat and had told her, in no uncertain terms, to eat her spaghetti and meatballs…
“What are you eating for dinner, mummy?”
“This scone”
“But that’s not a good dinner…it looks like a pain au chocolat”

I shuffled off ashamedly as she glared at me suspiciously and continued to eat her meatballs.

Aside from pointing out my blatant double standards, she did have a point…I really do need to stop eating inappropriate foodstuffs and get fit. With that in mind I resolved to do the 30 day abs challenge next month. In my mind I will end up with a washboard stomach by July; in reality I might just be lucky enough to reduce my muffin top down to more of a chocolate bun belly (a slightly rotund Aldi one, mind…not a big, fat, flaky Sainsbury’s one).

Full of good intentions to improve my diet and increase me fitness levels, I settled down on the sofa to watch Cake Boss.


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