It was all yellow

Bootyful butterfly
Bootyful butterfly
“I want to be a butterfly. A yellow one.” A pair of wings from an old fairy costume and some slightly wonky face painting later and Catrin was ready for her friend’s yellow birthday party.

The idea was to wear something yellow…my husband doesn’t own yellow outer garments so donned a pair of yellow & green pants in order to meet the dress code (but promised not to show them off). Catrin had a lovely time flying around her friend’s garden, shouting “I’m a bootyful butterfly” to anyone within earshot for a couple of hours while Bethan attempted to eat the contents of the ball pond. At one point the subject of ‘Frozen’ cropped up and a chap who had yet to experience the exploits of Pissedoff & co. made the mistake of asking me what the film was about. I found myself (unintentionally) pretty much reciting the script back at him (sorry Liam). Silly thing was that I realised I was perhaps going into too much detail when I had been talking at him for so long that the BBQ sausages he had started cooking at the start of the conversation took on rather more than a heavily chargrilled appearance. I probably should have summed up the remainder of the plot synopsis at that point.

Later I dropped my husband off at the train station and, on the way home, found myself in a queue behind an ice-cream van with an obese Mickey Mouse painted on the back of it. Maybe it was a warning against the dangers of eating too much ice-cream…like the warnings on cigarette packets?

Over dinner Catrin (who has been going through the “but why” phase for some time) asked me why Anna and Pissedoff throw Olaf the snowman’s head around (‘Frozen’ again). She then went on to inform me that “my head doesn’t come off because I’m only a kid and kid’s heads don’t go off”. Yet again I couldn’t fault her logic.


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