A penchant for pain au chocolat

Salad in a jar
Salad in a jar
“I’m hungry, I want a pain au chocolat”.
I opened one eye to see Catrin, sitting on the bed, grinning at me expectantly. She repeated her demand the continental breakfast option and I grunted back at her. In her excitement at the prospect of breakfast she then scrambled over Bethan’s feet, waking her up (Bethan had fallen asleep next to me about 5 minutes before Catrin’s incursion following her 5AM second breakfast). Thus my day began.

At lunchtime my husband treated us to Italian grub at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant at Bluewater. He assured me that the food and service were great and so (when Catrin had been removed from her too-tired tantrum position on the car park floor) off we went. I was impressed by the waitress’s toddler bribery skills when she bartered an ‘I ate all my greens’ badge in return for Catrin sitting down on a chair. Catrin was adamant that she required a pasta bake and ordered it herself…then decided that she didn’t want a pasta bake after all when it arrived. A bit more bribery later and she had eaten some of the pasta (not the bits covered with the “white bits” (breadcrumbs)) and some of the salad-in-a-jar. She declared she was full and even turned down ice-cream potential.
“Are you sure you are full? The next food you get will be at tea-time”
“Yes…I am full”
So we paid up and left. 4 minutes later and…
“I’m hungry…I want a pain au chocolat”.

My daughter has a penchant for a chocolate bun (she tells me off for calling it that in a middle class pedant sort of way…”No mummy, it’s not a chocolate bun, it’s a pain au chocolat. You got it wrong.”) She only likes the Aldi ones, mind, not the Sainsbury’s ones.

This afternoon my husband attempted to explain the concept of the Grand Prix to her. She summed up the order in which the drivers completed the course as “the winner who comes first and then the winners who come behind”. I like her logic.

The day ended with sniggering at a real-life Alan Partridge from Radio Wimborne spinning his ‘wheels of steel’ on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and the (very courageous) eviction of a sizeable fat-bummed, short-legged bathroom spider. I also had a bit of a cringe at the trailer for the documentary following Ann Barnes, PCC for Kent (showing on Channel 4 at 9PM this Thursday) before bedtime. I would have mistaken it for a mockumentary akin to The Office if I didn’t know better.


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